Yet another gaming blog, this one focusing on rpgs either being developed, or run, by the League of Elgin Gamers in Elgin IL. 


Jack Kessler coined the group name in 2005 when he moved to Elgin and, as a huge fan of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic, made preparations to run a 1920’s Jazz-era Call of Cthulhu-inspired take on an American League investigating Lovecraft’s stories as they occured.  Realizing the initial possibilities (loeg) was all it took, and a logo followed soon after.  As applied in this blog, it can pretty much be any game that Jack has run, played in, or perhaps even thought about.

If others want to join in, whether past, present (or heck, even future) League members, just ask Jack.  He’ll get you access.

Not the same as the Elgin Area Gamers League (EAGLES), other than an overlap of some of its members.


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