Adam’s Amber Game Log 1


This is a game log from Adam’s Amber Game, run at the EAGLES regular Thursday night meetings. This is the first post-Auction session, run on 4/30/09.

Leonardo, son of Fiona, was the first to see one – a creature out of Shadow that was just suddenly there. Was it hiding shapeshifted as a rock in the Grove of the Unicorn? Not wanting to confront it (and sure his stakeout for the Unicorn was interrupted) he calls in Julian by Trump, and heads back to the Castle.

He runs into Jason, son of Flora, and tells him the details. Jason senses a disruption in the local Pattern, and they go to investigate. Bryce, unacknowledged but known Patternwalker, was researching something in the Library when a similar creature appeared. Grayish, with a retractable sword in the arm. Bryce called for the guards, and together they finished it off just as Leo and Jason arrive.

Jason tries to grab a psychic impression from the creature before it dies, and gets a sense of someone unknown, probably male, god-like to the creature, ordering it to seek out and attack Bryce. It has a calling card, with the word ‘Annies’ on one side, and a flaming black metallic dagger symbol on the back.

Sheenakri, daughter of Deirdre, arrives from Shadow Wilder to report a similar creature appeared there, killed both humans and creatures, before being slain. It carried a similar card. Talon, an unknown son of Bleys, appears soon thereafter looking for answers on these creatures as one attacked in his home shadow as well.

Jason performs an impromptu autopsy on the creature, and decides it hails from nearer to the Chaos side of things. Leonardo updates Julian and calls folks known to be out in shadow to warn them. Some are unreachable, many who do respond report a similar creature recently attacked them. Sheenakri and Bryce check out the dagger design with the Chief Herald, and while they don’t find out whose symbol that is, they discover the name Annie’s, and the style used, belong to a recently opened (2 years back) tavern in Amber city, run by Lady Annibelle Rutsgar. A widowed landowner and winemaker, her husband Lord Jerrod Rutsgar was lost in the Patternfall War. They had one son, Torin.

The assembled group goes to Annie’s for a late lunch, and eats and drinks while pumping the staff for info. Lady Rutsgar is a hands-off owner – only coming in every few months. They confirm the card is their’s, or exactly like it, but don’t recognize the dagger design on the back. They mention that Torin has been courting Lady Teresa of Hightower, something that was otherwise unknown to the Amberites, so either it’s recent, or something strange is going on.

Jason decides if there are creatures for each of the cousins, there may still some in the vicinity, since he hasn’t had one show up yet. He leads a directed shadow walk near Amber for the the closest such creature yet alive, and they find themselves being led to Arden. Suspicious, Jason has Leo contact a terse Julian who confirms (though not in as many words) that his men have closed off the entry routes for these creatures.

With that avenue of inquiry closed off, the group split off. Leo wanted to visit the Primal Pattern, and Jason led him to check out if the source of the Pattern disruption came from there. Talon wanted to go back to the Castle and walk the pattern to transport to the origin shadow of these creatures, to capture one alive. Leo gives him a Trump of himself to use to get back. Sheenakri and Bryce went to the Rutsgar estate to speak with Lady Annibelle.

Talon runs into issues – the guard will not let an unknown into the Pattern room. A quick Trump of Leo, who vouches for him and Talon is Patternwalking. He transports to a far distant shadow, full of those creatures, and grabs one. He tries to Trump Leo for a ride back, but…

Leo and Jason make it to the Primal Pattern, which seems in good repair, and nothing out of place (as far as they can tell). Jason wonders why it isn’t guarded, when the guardian griffin appears out of a cave, dragging it’s chain and making all sort of nasty sounds. Jason approaches to just beyond the chain’s limit, and tests it – it is meant to keep anyone from approaching the entrance to the Pattern. It doesn’t like anyone going towards it’s cave either.

Jason Trumps back to his shadow while Leo soaks in the ambiance for future Trump making. Grabbing some livestock (sheep) and dried meat, Jason has Leo bring him back, and Jason feeds the griffin, which eventually allows him close enough for psychic contact, and Jason makes friends, scratching behind the ears, etc. That’s when Talon Trumps Leo for passage back, and fearing the appearance Talon and his captive will cause the griffin to freak (since they don’t plan feeding the creature to it) and tells Talon he will call him back.

Talon gets impatient and starts shadow walking to his personal shadow with his captive unconscious. Leo realizes he doesn’t have a Trump of Talon, and he and Jason eventually head back to Jason’s Shadow of the Realm, Argolin, where Leo works on a Trump sketch to contact Talon. He can’t make contact when it is finished, as Talon is shadow walking, but with Jason’s help they barely reach him, but Talon doesn’t respond and they lose contact.

Meanwhile Sheenakri and Bryce call on Lady Rutsgar. She is thrilled to have Royals visiting, and shows the best hospitality. She’s a little concerned about her son, Torin, who hasn’t been seen for a few days. She confirms that the dagger design is his. He’s been courting lady Teresa of Hightower for almost two years, she says. This doesn’t track at all, as Sheenakri had confirmed with the Herald that this is unknown if true. Torin was last seen in his room, and they are allowed to search it. They find a black metal box with a strange indentation instead of a lock. Bryce examines it and sets off a Chaos energy burst that STINGS! Lady Rutsgar is horrified, and embarrassed, and allow them to take the box. They contact Leo, and head towards Argolin to meet up.

Talon makes it back to his shadow, gets a cage for his captive, and contacts Leo. He comes through to Jason’s castle as the others arrive.

The indentation in the box appears to be the same size as the calling cards, and Talon puts one in the space, and the box pops open to reveal a bluish crystal spire with faceted sides. There appears to be an opaque flaw in the center, and Talon picks it up and looks within. This triggers a hologram of a woman’s head, who addresses Torin, then realizes that the activator isn’t Torin, and breaks contact.

Just then, a roar escapes from the captive Talon brought with him.



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